Happy mentally Organizing is a space for organizing your thoughts so you can organize the unorganized mind.

My goal for you is to get to know yourself better, and learn how to shift your paradigm. Get to know yourself, and step into a new world, a new life of loving yourself a little harder leading to mental growth.

What will you find here

The mental state can bring a lot of confusion, depression, fear and other emotions. This can hold you back in achieving your goals big or small. By organizing your mind you can change your mindset helping you move forward mentally, physically, and spiritually. Read more about my Mission.

  • Organizing the mind by developing habits to control your thoughts when they are unorganized.
  • Organizing your space by creating private spaces inside your home or where ever you are, whenever you need peace.
  • Organizing your daily routines by providing tips, hacks and tools to keep your days calm.
  • Informing by blogging.

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The Life-Changing Secret on why Perfection is an Illusion

Today I want to let you in on a life-changing secret as to why perfection is an illusion. The last couple of weeks I have been holding on to a perfect picture inside my mind. My mind has been a roller coaster even though I practice different methods to keep my mind organized. It still wanders every once in a while. And although that can be a good thing, it still needs to be reminded why holding on to perfection is a major illusion.

3 simple ways how to love yourself a little harder in 2021

This year has been hard for a lot of us, dealing with loss, depression, loneliness, and anxiety. That’s why I just wanted to share in this last blog of the year how you can focus on loving yourself a little harder so you can welcome happiness, joy, wealth, and health into your life.

About Happy Mentally Organized

Our mission is to help you organize the mind so you can have a happy and organized life. Check out our tools.

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